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I love to help. My goal is to always listen well and customize each session to the best of my ability.

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Yasemin Jamison, LMT


In 2014, I made a big life transition.  I decided to go back to school and start a new career.  At that time, I knew I wanted to do more to help people.  I researched several careers in the helping services professions and Massage Therapy resonated with me.  I’ve been very happy and fulfilled doing this work for 9 years.


I approach each massage session as a unique experience; the needs and moods of my clients are not the same every time.  Knowing that my goal is to help, I have to consider where they are at: mentally, physically, and emotionally.  This requires being a great listener! Listening gives me a clue as to what kind of techniques I am going to use in a particular session so I can help to the best of my ability.


Prior to doing Therapeutic Massage, I had a diverse background dabbling in many different ventures over the years. From working at The US Immigration and Naturalization Service to co-owner of Paramount Door Systems, mother of two, now grown children, to Licensed Massage Therapist.  I feel I have experienced and acclimated to life's many twists and turns. Through it all, I have been able to remain calm and grounded. I believe I provide the same sense of calm to my clients. 


I maintain a full practice but when not working, I like to listen to music and read, watch videos, and take continuing education classes related to my profession.  I really enjoy devoting time to thinking of how I can improve my techniques to better address particular client concerns.



I just finished had a great experience at Balanced "Yasemin's" Therapeutic Massage.  I did only 1/2hr. and it was great.  I had a problem with my shoulder and neck.  They are surprisingly loose and feeling better.  Thanks Yasemin.  See you in 2 weeks.

- Cynthia C. Annapolis, MD

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